Arms, Tripods, Clamps & other Accessories

Accessories and additional components to be used for creating full – featured underwater camera systems,
service kits and restoration parts.

Designed for years of trouble free use in the harshest of salt water environments.

WOSS Neutral buoyancy arms

Arms of the most popular sizes: 150mm, 210mm, 280mm, and 350mm, allow you to build a professional system customized to your own needs.
WOSS arms are designed to provide neutral buoyancy , as they have a hermetically sealed cavity inside. Standard 1 inch attachment balls are at each end of the arm for use with arm-clamps. The silicone O-ring provides for quick and easy adjustment, while at the same time keeping the arm from slipping, once it has been set. In salt water, the arms have near neutral buoyancy , or slightly positive depending on salinity of the water (see table below):

D30 Aluminium Arm
Arm description Effective lenth Tube Diameter Weight (Air) Buoyancy (Salt Water)
D30 – 150 150mm / 6′ 30mm 105g -12g
D30 – 210 210mm / 8.3′ 30mm 135g +3g
D30 – 280 280mm / 11′ 30mm 165g +22g
D30 – 350 350mm / 13.8′ 30mm 195g +47g
D30 arm set
WOSS Ball Joint Clamps

WOSS clamps are made from a special marine aluminum alloy with high strength and low weight, connecting to the 1-inch ball on the arms. Clamps feature:

  • Black titanium oxide coating which provides high resistance to mechanical impacts, deterioration, and corrosion;
  • The clamps design provides a very stable lock for the arms and quick and easy wing nut tightening. This solution provides convenient use high efficiency when tightening – no wasted effort;
  • The Clamps weigh 67g and are slightly negative (-52g only), which can be offset by using the clamp with D30 arms.

The WOSS Clamp can hold 2- to 2 ½ kg flashlights when using in combination with WOSS Arms from 150mm to 350mm long. The wingnut requires just a quick turn to lock.
Ball joint clamps can be used for connecting flashlight or strobe arms systems, as well as for the tripod legs joint.

joint clamp
WOSS Underwater tripod

All of the WOSS tripod components are made of a strong marine aluminum alloy and were especially designed for easy connection to the housing or camera and are streamlined for ease of movement underwater. WOSS Tripods feature:

  • Black titanium oxide coating which provides high resistance to mechanical impacts, deterioration, and corrosion;
  • The WOSS tripod is constructed from WOSS Underwater Light Arms, so you can customize your own WOSS Tripod to suit your needs. We recommend mounting two arms on each leg with lengths of 150mm, 210mm or 280mm;
  • Only one screw needs to be tightened in order to join the tripod to the housing;
  • The WOSS Tripod plate has additional threaded holes . The Tripod plate allows you to join your WOSS housing directly to other devices, such as a scooter, without the need of the legs.

In salt water the tripod is slightly negatively buoyant [just -95g], which can be offset by using WOSS D30 arms. Using the WOSS Tripod allows you to take extremely stable underwater shots, even in moving water.

underwater tripod
WOSS Ports & Port extensions

High quality underwater shooting often requires a range of different lenses from macro up to wide-angle. Every lens has it’s own size, weight and angle of view. WOSS manufactures a range of ports and port-extensions, to allow the greatest range of lenses to be used within the housing. Our company manufactures the following products:

  • Dome port with multi-coated D-165 mm glass with lens hole diameters of 120mm & 95mm;
  • Flat ports with tempered multi-coated glass [lens diameter to 95mm];
  • The wide range of port extensions allows installation of camera lens with lengths from 60mm to 180 mm;
  • WOSS Port extensions have a unique magnetic system for manual zoom & focus control. We use a specially developed system of adjacent magnets , which strengthen each other’s action [heteropolarity effect]. This unique system allows the use of weaker magnets so as not to influence the lens electronics , without any loss of control over the lens functions.

Port extensions are made of the same aluminum alloy as the underwater housing body. It mean high strength with a low weight and are rated to the same depths and low temperatures as the housings. All items attach to housing easily and securely.

LENS_EXTENSION2_530X353 a7_2470por2t_530x430 pro700_54_530x430 pro700ext1-001_1018_530x430 travel1_530x430
Service kits and replacement parts

Service kit for WOSS Gear include all necessary parts for the equipment maintenance and water-tight integrity.

  • Only tested and approved materials are supplied in service kits for use in WOSS equipment.
    Within the warranty period it is prohibited to make repair independently, other than the use of the standard service kit . The equipment owner is warranted to use the service kit elements and still maintain the equipment warranty. Replacement parts are the same high quality components as used in the original production and which can be changed if they are damaged during normal equipment operation.
  • Some of the replacement parts which are outside of the equipment can be replaced easily by the user, but others require the partial housing disassembly to replace the parts. These parts cannot be replaced by the user themselves within the warranty period, unless you sign a warranty waiver. However, such elements can be replaced by the owner independently once the warranty period is over and it has not been renewed.

All of these parts can be supplied to the WOSS equipment owner directly on request, but the best way to maintain and repair the gear is returning it to an authorized WOSS service center.

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