Cinema-8000 Underwater Light

The WOSS Cinema-8000 was especially designed for underwater high-definition photo and video shooting.

Designed to match the needs and creative passion of both amateur and professional videographers

cinema-8000 w/1-inch Ball

W/1-inch Ball

Cinema-8000 w/handle


Cinema-8000 Side view

Side view

The WOSS Cinema-8000 light was designed as a primary light source for high-quality photo and video shooting. Hi-Power LEDs from CREE are selected in such a way as to provide a very high color reproduction rate. Together with a dome lens, these LEDs provide an underwater beam angle close to 120°. The LEDs are installed with a high quality, pure copper radiator, which allows us to remove heat effectively during use.
The main switch has five modes. Max, Mid, and Low modes allow you to adjust light output discretely in the range from 2400 to 8000 lumens. Remote control mode enables you to control several lights at the same time, with selection of Master vs. Slave sub-modes. When choosing the Master sub-mode, you can manage others lights, whereas when Slave submode is chosen, the light can be controlled by another device. Reliable remote control is carried out through the infrared port using an optical cable, which can be connected either on land or underwater. When the Emergency mode is activated, the light flashes a standard SOS signal.
The light is provided with a high-efficiency 133 Watt rechargeable, professional quality lithium polymer [LiPO] batteries. Battery replacement can be carried out through the back cover with a safety lock to prevent unexpected opening. All flashlight body elements, except the battery case, are made of high-strength aluminum alloy with a titanium oxide-based-hard coating based. The battery case is made of high quality delrin. Such a design provides both high strength, while at the same time keeping low weight. The flashlight has a one-inch mounting ball that can be replaced with a 10-mm plug . For use as a torch during night dives, the flashlight can be equipped with a convenient handle, which is installed instead of the one-inch ball. Buoyancy of the flashlight in sea water is close to neutral, with a weight of 1.35 kg.


Light control
     Mail switch: 5 modes: Max Power; 60%; 30%; Sleeve mode; SOS mode.
Lens Optical Dome Lens D=78mm, Clear.
     Type: Hi-Power Cree Led’s.
     CRI (color rendering index): ≥90%.
     Color temperature: 4500o-5100o.
     Luminous intensity: 2400÷8000Lm.
     Beamwidth: close to 120o.
     Type: replacement high-efficiency LiPo battery.
     Power: 133Watt.
     Operating Time 50÷160min.
Overall dimensions
     Diameter: 105mm (without hood).
115mm (with installed hood).
     Length: from 212mm (incl. hood).
     Assembled (incl ball mount): 1.35 kg.
Operating depth 75m.