Alpha-7 Photo Housing

Our housing for the Sony A7 mirrorless full frame camera is a compact, ergonomic & hard-wearing waterproof housing
that enables capturing beautiful photos and video
at depths up to 160 meters.

Designed to match the creative passion of amateur and professional photographers

WOSS Alpha-7 w/Dome side view

W/Dome, side view

WOSS Alpha-7 w/Flat side view

Frt / Rh view

WOSS Alpha-7 rear view

Rear view

The WOSS Alpha-7 housing for Sony a7 cameras is a durable waterproof shell that enables capturing beautiful photos and video. It is machined from a solid block of high quality marine-grade anodized aluminum alloy. The buoyancy of the housing with the camera is slightly negative. Mechanical controls give access to all of the camera functions allowing complete creative control of the camera. The Port extension has magnetic control rings option for manual zoom and focus. The housing’s mechanical controls enable access to every camera function and are placed to be comfortably reached without removing your hands from the handles. The housing has two handles for easy, convenient handling underwater . You can hold housing and operate the housing controls using either both, or only one of your hands. The handles can be quickly disconnected from the housing for packing and traveling. The monitor window is inclined from the vertical by 24° and is designed to utilize the camera monitor’s features and allows for a comfortable head position. It comes with a rubber hood to shade the monitor from intense ambient light, making it easy to view even in shallow, bright water. The port mounting is designed for a wide variety of ports with a bayonet connection, to use the complete range of lenses with direct e-mount connection, or adapters. This allows for shooting from Macro up ultra Wide-angle modes.
The housing is made of premium aluminium alloy and other materials, designed to operate over the widest range of temperatures and still maintain the integrity of the housing. The housing is pressure rated to 75 meters using a dome port and 160 meters using a flat port. Despite the lack of built-in flash, it’s possible to operate external strobes via an optical cable (optional).


Camera remote control
     Mechanical control: fourteen push buttons, two switches, five turning knobs for full control of all camera functions, port extension release button.
     Magnetic control: port extension with magnetic control rings (for manually zoom/ focus adjustable lenses).
Compatible Lenses
     Direct assembling: Sony E-mount family lenses.
     By mount adapter: Sony A-mount, Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Sigma and others (determined by camcorder capability of installation and compatibility, using appropriate adapters).
Camera monitor
     Monitor hood: 3.2″ rubber shade hood.
     Monitor position: Monitor window inclination from the vertical plane – 24°.
Alarm system
     Housing leak detector: Digital water alarm sensor with beep-signaling device; power activates when camera installed.
Housing free-running time
     Fully charged battery: 10 hours (at least).
Operating depth
     Using dome port: 75 meters (confined by port).
     Using flat port: 100 meters.
160 meters (rigid springs of control buttons).
Overall dimensions
     Height: 145mm.
     Width: 175mm (without side handles).
295mm (with installed side handles).
     Length: 127mm (without port, with monitor hood).
     Housing only: 1.6 kg (without camera, extensions and port).
     Assembled (incl. camera): 2.92 kg (including basic lens extension, dome port 160 mm, Sony Vario-Tessar FE 24-70 lens), ready for use.