WOSS Travel-X Housing

The WOSS Travel-X waterproof housing was designed for popular Palm-held format Sony cameras
for underwater digital shooting at depths up to 180 meters.

Designed to for both the beginner and advanced videographers

WOSS Travel-X side view

W/Dome port, side view

WOSS Travel-X w/flat port frt-lh view

W/Flat port, frt view

WOSS Travel-X monitor view

Monitor view

The WOSS Travel underwater housing was designed for popular Palm-held format Sony cameras for underwater digital shooting. The housing’s compact travel size and light-weight design, enables you to quickly and easily access the camera’s full range of functions and is rated to a depth of up to 180 meters. The device is made of professional quality, high-strength, low-weight aluminum alloy using CNC machining. The titanium oxide coating provides high resistance to mechanical impact, and reduces deterioration & corrosion. This versatile housing is compatible with the majority of Sony Palm-held models.
The LANC control system allows the operator to change camera models without changing the position of the operating controls and push-buttons. The top-carrying handle can be optionally mounted for more secure and convenient ways to carry your housing under water or on dry land. Ergonomically located electronic and mechanical controls complete with metal-polymeric handles can be adjusted for both tilt angle and linear position relative to the control panels (2D adjusting). This provides a convenient, professional level of control over the camcorder during underwater shooting. Controls include: Record, White Balance, Electronic Zoom, camera navigation functions (Menu, Right, Left, Up, Down, and Select). The camera status and alarms can be easily checked by the LED on the back panel under the monitor. In case of water ingress into the housing, the notification system automatically disconnects the power supply from the housing electronic system, switches the camcorder off to avoid short circuit, and gives a blue blinking alarm signal that notifies an emergency.
The high-contrast 4.3″ Samsung OLED 480 × 272 monitor is installed inside the housing rear cover. It is positioned on the optical axis of the camcorder, providing intuitive aiming at the subject. The monitor inclined 24° from vertical to utilize the camera monitor’s features and allows a comfortable head position. The monitor controls are located on the back panel allowing you to conveniently change its settings under water, reducing eye fatigue in conditions of weak illumination and increasing picture contrast in case of bright sunlight in shallow water. The monitor allows reviewing footage in high resolution with a realistic color rendition. Monitor operating time from fully charged battery is not less than nine hours. Depending on the exact camera model, the housing buoyancy complete with camcorder can be slightly negative or close to neutral.


Camera remote control
     LANC: 12 camera control buttons: -Camera On/Off; Rec; Zoom Far ; Zoom Near ; WB setup; Photo Capture ( right side panel),
-Menu; Menu Up; Menu Down ; Menu Left ; Menu Right ; Select (left side panel), 3 double sliding monitor control buttons.
Compatible Lenses
     Wide angle extensions: By camera model specifications.
     Lens port: Glass Dome Port 113mm or Glass Flat Port 98mm.
Housing Monitor
     RGB LED Screen: 4.3 inch Samsung OLED (95× 54 mm), AV input, 480×272 pix.
Control LED
     LED Signal Bulbs: Camera REC (blinking red); Leak Alarm (blinking blue); Cam Bat Low/Memory Full (yellow/blinking yellow); Housing Bat Low (orange).
Housing free-running time
     Fully charged battery: 9 hours (at least).
Operating depth
     Using dome port: 75 meters (confined by port).
     Using flat port: 180 meters.
Overall dimensions
     Height: 126mm (excluding carrying handle).
     Width: 191mm (without side handles).
308mm (with installed basic side handles).
290mm (with installed Pro Handles).
     Length: 283mm (without port).
     assembled (excl camera): 3.3 kg (included Flat Port, without camera).
3.4 kg (Included Dome Port, without camera).
Sealing check & leak detection Built-in electronic alarm leak detection system in case of water ingress into the housing deenergizes the camera and alarms a flashing blue signal in the monitor window. Vacuum seals tester (optional) makes it possible to confirm the integrity all seals and housing watertightness prior to entering the water.